3 Things You Should Know About Twitter for Professionals

3 Things You Should Know About Twitter for Professionals

In late 2021, Twitter made professional accounts available to its users as part of a new pilot program. Officially dubbed Twitter for Professionals, this new feature is designed for businesses, brands, non-profits and other professionals who use Twitter for work, such as creators, developers and publishers.

By equipping businesses with access to a variety of expanded features, Twitter for Professionals will allow them to showcase and grow their brand, while highlighting their content, products and services. In order to qualify for a professional Twitter account, users must be in good standing with no previous guideline violations, as well as have an authentic account with a name, bio and profile picture.

While Twitter for Professionals is still currently in the pilot and testing stage, it’s recommended that users make the transition now in order to capitalize as these new features as they become available over the coming months.

If you are considering converting your personal or business Twitter profile into a professional account, here are three things you should know:

1. Account Setup is Quick and Easy

If you are planning to make the switch to a professional Twitter account, you’ll be relieved to know that creating a new account is not required. To set up your professional account, sign into your existing Twitter account and select “Twitter for Professionals” on the left sidebar. Twitter will then prompt you to select a category that best describes your account. For example, a few categories available are restaurant, financial services, social media influencer and journalist—but there are plenty of other options as well. Next, you’ll select either “business” or “creator” for the account type. From there, you can easily customize your profile and choose from various topics to follow. Twitter will also be rolling out additional features over the coming months.

2. It Allows Brands to Showcase Their Products to Customers

Twitter for Professionals is designed to give users a more professional and unique look, while also equipping users with access to Twitter Shopping, a dedicated, top-level space where businesses can showcase their products, and Quick Promote, the fastest way to promote your content through Twitter Ads. These new professional features will allow users to increase their influence and build better brand awareness, as well as offer both ease of use and improved user experience for their customers.

3. It Opens the Door to a Variety of New Features

In addition to allowing users to select a professional category, Twitter for Professionals will offer expanded profile modules with a variety of new features. These modules— including the About Module, Newsletter Module and Shop Module—will serve as the dedicated space on a professional’s profile to showcase their brand.

The About Module will include important company information, such as location, hours of operation and contact methods. With the Newsletter Module, promoting and growing your newsletter will be even easier. If your Revue and Twitter accounts are connected, this new feature will allow you to showcase your newsletter near the top of your Twitter profile so that followers can easily subscribe. Finally, the Shop Module will allow your followers to learn more about your offerings and seamlessly purchase items without having to leave Twitter.

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