5 Brands That Have Mastered Content Marketing

5 Brands That Have Mastered Content Marketing

Initiating a content marketing strategy can be a bit daunting. And for marketers and non-marketers alike, the idea of getting started may pose more questions than answers. But like we’ve said before, old marketing tactics don’t hold up in today’s environment of constant and captivating information, and a content marketing strategy is exactly what businesses need to stay competitive and relevant.

5 Brands That Mastered Content Marketing

Thankfully, if you’re just getting started with content marketing, there are plenty of brands to look to as shining examples of how to effectively and successfully implement your strategy. Here are our top five:

1. Marriott

Traditionally, marketing goals of hotel companies include building a quality reputation and increasing nightly stays. Marriott’s marketing efforts naturally address these goals; however, the company has added an extra layer. In a 2017 AdAge article David Beebe, then Marriott’s vice-president of Creative, Content Marketing and Global Marketing, confessed Marriott strives to become the number one travel content publisher in the world. Through implacably produced and highly creative videos, Marriott tells the story of an exciting customer experience. The video content not only showcases Marriott properties, but more importantly, entertains the audience and makes them pay attention.

2. American Express

The credit card company has always been praised for its content marketing efforts, particularly regarding its OPEN Forum, an online site providing small-business owners with resources to help them grow their businesses. Due to the forum’s ongoing feed of quality and highly-engaging thought-leadership content and discussions, the site is the company’s best source of leads for new card members. The deep understanding and connection American Express has to its audience helps the company capture and create a fiercely loyal community.

3. Peloton

We all know someone who has had an old stationary bike collecting dust in their basement. Eventually, the bike finds its way onto eBay, Craigslist or if you’re like me, it becomes an extension of your closet and is draped with laundry that needs to go to the dry cleaners. So how has the Peloton community grown at such a staggering rate with no expectation of slowing down? Its content! Peloton streams more than 20 live classes a day and provides more than 10,000 on-demand options. Consistently providing its group of at-home cyclers new choices is what keeps them coming back ride after ride.

4. HubSpot

We’d be remiss to talk about content marketing with no mention of the chief B2B content creator, HubSpot. Few companies can crank out content like HubSpot. From blog posts to social media, to fact sheets and webinars, this inbound marketing company is a force that understands its audience better than any of its competitors. All of its content is extremely relevant and provides the audience with actionable takeaways. It’s easy to fall into HubSpot’s wormhole of content, with each blog post providing more insights and assets than the first.

5. Red Bull

The great thing about Red Bull is the company has never been afraid to change up its content and keep things fresh. Its primary marketing assets—videos, blogs and social feeds—never feel stale and oddly enough, never push product. Instead, the company’s efforts focus on the customer and their lifestyle. Red Bull’s website alone has barely any mention of product, featuring instead a mountain of content highlighting extreme sports, adventure, travel and anything else that may be of interest to its target audience. Because of this customer-centric approach, Red Bull has become synonymous with thrill-seekers and adventure junkies, and it’s one of the most popular brands on Facebook and YouTube.

It’s easy to recognize the importance of content and the reasons why all businesses need it to drive their brand’s message. The difficult part is putting pen to paper and getting going. But everyone, including the companies above, needs to start somewhere. Thankfully, you’ll get more comfortable with the creation process as you start to grow your content library, and in turn, grow your audience and brand.

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