5 Brands That Have Mastered Social Media Marketing

5 Brands That Have Mastered Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have proven themselves as powerful tools when it comes to building greater brand awareness and establishing brand loyalty among a customer base. Because of its remarkable growth potential, social media can have a distinct, measurable impact on an organization’s bottom line when implemented strategically.

For instance, social media is a great tool for driving engagement and, ultimately, influencing consumer behavior. In fact, consumers who are influenced by social media are four times more likely to spend more on purchases. Moreover, the influence can be so high that 29% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase on the same day of using social media.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses that don’t develop a social media strategy will ultimately fall behind their competitors. Social media is an invaluable opportunity for customers to learn about your brand and what you have to offer—and, oftentimes, even provide key feedback on your products and services that you won’t get on any other platform.

Below are five established brands that have mastered the art of social media marketing:

1. Netflix

Netflix’s social media strategy focuses on the most important element of marketing: understanding its target audience. However, as a streaming service that operates in more than 190 countries, Netflix’s audience is essentially the entire world. Although there are thousands of companies actively using social media to promote their content and services, not many can say that they have millions of fans sharing and interacting with their posts. Netflix successfully achieves brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by actively listening to customer feedback and sharing entertaining social media content that keeps its audience coming back for more.


If you think space exploration isn’t necessarily at the top of the general public’s daily interest list, check out NASA’s social media channels. Building greater brand awareness through social media isn’t exactly rocket science, but NASA’s social media efforts leverage unique educational content, historical missions and new discoveries that fuel human curiosity—resulting in an endless stream of interesting content that gets followers excited about NASA’s work. As one of the most recognizable brands across the globe, NASA continues to expand its audience by simplifying its content and making it relatable so everyone can understand its significance. NASA’s social media presence has also allowed the brand to become more accessible to the general public.

3. Starbucks

If anyone knows its target audience to a T, it’s Starbucks. Its customer-centric messaging, consistent branding and constant interaction with followers makes Starbucks an expert at building a highly engaged social media following. Despite its predominantly single-product focus in the form of delicious coffee, Starbucks’ social media efforts are anything but single-minded—Starbucks has built a robust social media community around its products. You’ll clearly see its cohesive branding no matter which platform or store you visit, and the company’s social channels all reflect this same look, feel and tone. Beyond that, there are deeper reasons why followers are loyal to the brand. Aside from promoting its popular menu offerings, Starbucks also embraces its social responsibility and takes a stance on relevant social issues.

4. Airbnb

Beyond reinventing the hospitality industry as a unique, cost-effective alternative to hotels, resorts and bed & breakfasts, Airbnb has proven itself as a guru at social media marketing. Airbnb’s social media strategy relies heavily on storytelling in order to attract and engage its two distinct target audiences: travelers on the hunt to visit the trendiest destinations, and those who consider becoming a host. Airbnb keeps its social media content fresh and on brand by showcasing unique listings and hosts to promote exclusive destinations, while communicating its brand message of “living like a local.”

5. Hofbräuhaus

Modeled after the legendary 400-year-old Hofbräuhaus in Germany, Hofbräuhaus Cleveland has developed a loyal band of followers as a result of its robust social media efforts. As one of the only German bierhalls in the area, Hofbräuhaus Cleveland’s cohesive branding and social atmosphere encompass many of the German traditions that have made Hofbräuhaus famous. From the traditionally decorated rooms and authentic German fare, to the beer that is brewed on site, Hofbräuhaus succeeds in its social engagement with niche audiences, including beer lovers, people of Eastern European heritage and Clevelanders. By sharing consistent and engaging content that encourages followers to tag the restaurant in their photos, Hofbräuhaus builds brand loyalty and offers a memorable experience for guests.

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