5 Emerging Marketing Trends for 2019

5 Emerging Marketing Trends for 2019

Throughout the years, the main goal of every marketing campaign has always stayed the same—deliver a deliberate and consistent message to the appropriate audience. However, as an industry, the marketing tactics we utilize to deliver these messages are constantly evolving—whether that means adopting new technologies, communication platforms or best practices. As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to start preparing for the New Year ahead.

Here are five emerging marketing trends that will have a big impact on businesses in 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence Continues to Grow

According to this recent State of Marketing report from Salesforce, an additional 21% of marketing leaders plan to use a marketing automation platform over the next two years. With the increase in marketing departments’ responsibilities, automated tasks are freeing up time to focus on the innovative, multi-faceted campaigns that businesses are craving. When coupled with a structured marketing process, marketing automation software makes it easier for teams to prioritize and execute marketing tasks, nurture worthwhile leads, and evaluate the impact of inbound marketing campaigns.

2. Video Takes B2B Communication by Storm

Video is a great tool that enables businesses to break down complex content into a more easily digestible format. An increasing number of executives and C-suite-level leaders are watching video in order to stay up to speed on company, product and vendor information. In fact, Forbes Insights found that 80% of senior executives are watching more online video today compared to a year ago. Consumer outreach has been well aware of the impact of a good video, but now with video production becoming more feasible for businesses, B2B communication efforts are jumping on the train.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility Takes Center Stage

Investors, consumers and vendors alike are looking to be more environmentally and socially conscience in the years ahead. Businesses are expected to emphasis cultures and best practices that focus on a wide range of initiatives, such as diversity inclusion, environmental footprints and data protection. However, it is not enough for businesses to simply implement strategies that address these hot-topic issues. Companies must also publicize their efforts to make sure the public is well aware of their priorities.

4. Relationship Building Becomes a Greater Priority

In the age of “fake news” and “social bots,” building reliable and trustworthy relationships with the media is more important than ever. With publications and news outlets under fire in recent years, reporters need to be extremely diligent when delivering the news. Yet, with the 24/7 media cycle, it’s become increasingly difficult for reporters to find reliable expert sources who can be trusted to provide credible insight at any given time. As the media landscape changes, brands are focusing more on establishing and cultivating long-term relationships with the media—now a crucial element of securing meaningful media coverage for their businesses.

5. Blockchain Makes an Impact

Blockchain will be more than just a buzzword in 2019. One of its biggest areas of impact will be marketing. With its method of digital record-keeping creating a ledger of transactions that is transparent and impossible to tamper with, blockchain may be the solution to privacy concerns that have been a mainstay of this year’s news headlines. While it is still very early to tell how this emerging technology may affect marketing, it is likely that data collection, digital advertising and influencer marketing may all see dramatic changes in the months ahead.

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