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Meet Grant Coyle

In his free time, Grant can be found hiking or biking somewhere between Cleveland and Akron, searching for photo opportunities.

As technical communications specialist at Roop & Co., Grant Coyle provides technical writing, information technology and video production support for the marketing agency and its client base. He has extensive experience in technical communications, business software training and computer systems administration.

With a multi-faceted technical background, Grant has produced a variety of technical articles and product manuals for clients in the manufacturing industry. Previously, he was the technologies manager for Stevens Strategic Communications, now a division of Roop & Co. Prior to that, Grant served as a technical manuals manager for Keithley Instruments, where he introduced digital publishing to the company’s marketing communications group and co-authored Keithley’s Switching Handbook, an industry reference for relay system design. He graduated from the University of Akron with a bachelor’s degree in electronics.

“As a college professor often stated, ‘All electronics are based on Ohm’s Law.’ I constantly use that premise to document complex subjects in layman’s terms.”

Grant Coyle