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How Roop & Co. Used Content Marketing to Increase Web Traffic by 256%

Background Recognizing that useful and compelling content is the best tool in today’s marketing landscape, we’ve recommended that our current and prospective clients employ a content marketing strategy time after time. Preaching that content creation is a sustainable long-term investment that generates awareness, nurtures leads, boosts SEO and positions your brand as an industry expert, we’ve even asserted that every business needs a content marketing strategy. And we’ve emphasized that to get the best content marketing results, you should publish new content as often as possible. To say the least, we’re big proponents of content [...]

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How To Get Out of a Creative Rut, According to the Roop & Co. Team

Many people will experience some sort of creative block in their career, if not daily. A creative block can be devastating to your productivity; some people find themselves unable to create new work at all. Frankly, communications professionals don’t have time for that. We have tight news release deadlines to meet, demanding content calendars to keep up with, crises to control and glossy collateral to produce. Waiting for inspiration to return is a luxury that communication professionals can’t afford, so when a creative rut strikes, we need to get out of it—fast. Here’s how the members of our team [...]

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6 Website Best Practices

A healthy website is the foundation for any kind of digital marketing strategy. No matter what digital tactics you deploy—content marketing, pay-per-click ads, video, social media or a combination—the goal is to drive visitors to your website. Many businesses operate under the perception that once the website is built, that box will remain checked for years. But web design and development are evolving rapidly. And so are the online habits of your customers. Therefore, your website needs regular maintenance to reflect the current state of your business and best serve your customers. Some websites are delicately built, just [...]

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With A Little PR, Bird Could Have Soared in Cleveland

When a fleet of 100 electric scooters, called Bird, arrived in Cleveland, urbanites saw an opportunity to add expediency and fun to their commutes, city adventures and errands.  But city officials were quick to request their removal and subject them to impoundment the very next day. To the disappointment of many Clevelanders, Bird is now weathering a communication crisis that makes its future in the Land uncertain. We can’t help but think that the uproar over Bird arriving in Cleveland could have been prevented utilizing these three PR tactics: 1. Relationship development Bird [...]

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5 Brands That Have Mastered Content Marketing

Initiating a content marketing strategy can be a bit daunting. And for marketers and non-marketers alike, the idea of getting started may pose more questions than answers. But like we’ve said before, old marketing tactics don’t hold up in today’s environment of constant and captivating information, and a content marketing strategy is exactly what businesses need to stay competitive and relevant. Thankfully, if you’re just getting started with content marketing, there are plenty of brands to look to as shining examples of how to effectively and successfully implement your strategy. Here [...]

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10 Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your Marketing

Every now and then, we all need a little help. When running a business or marketing department, it can be hardwired into your brain that you need to do everything yourself. Handling a company’s marketing strategy is a complex task that requires creativity, collaboration and consistency—which can be hard to come by when you’re juggling other responsibilities as well. Thus enters your saving grace: outsourcing your marketing to an agency partner. While partnering with a marketing agency can be a huge relief, it’s also a big decision with financial, productivity and employee morale considerations. [...]

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3 Graphic Design Rules To Live By

From business cards and brochures to websites and social media, potential clients will first judge your business based on what they see. No matter how top notch your products or services are, your efforts to promote your business could fall flat if you don’t have high quality designs to match. Good graphic design brings marketing content to life—and it converts. When people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of it three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later, according to Brain Rules [...]

Why You Need A Crisis Communications Plan

Every organization, no matter its size or industry, is vulnerable to the ever-looming threat of a crisis. And the areas where things can go wrong run the gamut – from workplace violence and natural disaster, to a security breach or product recall – making it difficult for even the best-run organization to know exactly where to begin. Fortunately, many crises are relatively foreseeable, smoldering for some time before they eventually emerge to the surface. However, few organizations actually take the necessary action to prevent or reduce their impact during these early [...]

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4 Tips for Networking in Cleveland

Although the reasons to expand your professional network are infinite, networking, at its core, is a form of marketing. When networking, you have an opportunity to grow by presenting your personal brand to an audience. We know a thing or two about branding here in Cleveland, and thought we’d share these 4 tips for communicating your message through networking: 1. Update your web presence  Cleveland is steadily innovating and modernizing, and you should be too. Because you’re a work in progress, your website and social profiles should be constantly updated and [...]

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How To Create Content For All 3 Stages of the Buying Cycle

In a fantasy world, all businesses would make their sales quotas from spontaneous, no-questions-asked impulse buys. But in reality, most customers, especially B2B clients, go through at least three stages of the buying cycle before they feel comfortable enough to make an informed purchase. The buying cycle consists of the different stages customers go through leading up to their purchase. Between their first introduction to your brand and the time of purchase, your potential customers’ needs and feelings fluctuate throughout their journeys. It’s the marketer’s job to make sure they continue to move through the buying cycle toward a [...]

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