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How Roop & Co. Used Content Marketing to Increase Web Traffic by 256%

Background Recognizing that useful and compelling content is the best tool in today’s marketing landscape, we’ve recommended that our current and prospective clients employ a content marketing strategy time after time. Preaching that content creation is a sustainable long-term investment that generates awareness, nurtures leads, boosts SEO and positions your brand as an industry expert, we’ve even asserted that every business needs a content marketing strategy. And we’ve emphasized that to get the best content marketing results, you should publish new content as often as possible. To say the least, we’re big proponents of content [...]

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5 Brands That Have Mastered Content Marketing

Initiating a content marketing strategy can be a bit daunting. And for marketers and non-marketers alike, the idea of getting started may pose more questions than answers. But like we’ve said before, old marketing tactics don’t hold up in today’s environment of constant and captivating information, and a content marketing strategy is exactly what businesses need to stay competitive and relevant. Thankfully, if you’re just getting started with content marketing, there are plenty of brands to look to as shining examples of how to effectively and successfully implement your strategy. Here [...]

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3 Graphic Design Rules To Live By

From business cards and brochures to websites and social media, potential clients will first judge your business based on what they see. No matter how top notch your products or services are, your efforts to promote your business could fall flat if you don’t have high quality designs to match. Good graphic design brings marketing content to life—and it converts. When people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of it three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later, according to Brain Rules [...]

How To Create Content For All 3 Stages of the Buying Cycle

In a fantasy world, all businesses would make their sales quotas from spontaneous, no-questions-asked impulse buys. But in reality, most customers, especially B2B clients, go through at least three stages of the buying cycle before they feel comfortable enough to make an informed purchase. The buying cycle consists of the different stages customers go through leading up to their purchase. Between their first introduction to your brand and the time of purchase, your potential customers’ needs and feelings fluctuate throughout their journeys. It’s the marketer’s job to make sure they continue to move through the buying cycle toward a [...]

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11 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

Today’s marketing environment is so saturated with competing information that some marketers yearn for the simpler cola war ploys of yesteryear. But old marketing tactics don’t stand up against the sea of tweets, viral videos, fake news—and real news—that captivate people’s attention nowadays. To stay afloat, marketers must adapt to these changes by shifting the way they interact with their audiences. Content marketing – an approach that involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract attention from a target audience and generate leads – is the reigning king for cultivating a brand in today’s marketing landscape. [...]

Blog Your Way to Business Growth

Business blogs are long-term marketing assets with proven ability to increase traffic to your website and generate leads. B2B companies that blog have 55% more website visitors and 67% more leads per month than those that don’t. Not a bad conversation rate for a single, low-cost marketing channel! Alas, business blogging is no casual endeavor. To reap the rewards of increased online visibility through blogging, your blog needs a bevy of rich content bedazzled with SEO terms. A HubSpot research study, Lead Generation Lessons from 7,000 Businesses, showed that companies that see the most return [...]

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Sponsored Content vs. Branded Content – They’re the Same, Right?

Despite common misconceptions, sponsored content and branded content are not interchangeable terms. Each marketing tool produces different results and has defining characteristics—namely, who the content is produced by and where the content is published. While both forms of content can be valuable additions to your content marketing strategy, understanding the following five differences between the two will allow you to pinpoint which form best caters to your needs. 1. Where the content is published Sponsored content takes the shape of its environment, whether that be a newspaper, magazine, video, blog or social media platform. For example, The New York Times [...]

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