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6 Best Practices for Effective IR Communication

Over the years, investor relations (IR) has become more strategic and complex, leaving IR professionals increasingly overwhelmed. The demands from stakeholders are high, with a constant stream of information coming from every direction. New regulatory, legal, proxy and compliance issues seem to pop up regularly. On top of that, IR professionals are faced with a host of communication challenges – from addressing value gaps and conveying strategic changes, to disclosing bad news. Below are several best practices that can be used to more effectively deliver your company’s investment proposition to key stakeholders: 1. Make a Strong First Impression with Your [...]

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Quick Guide to Annual Reports [Infographic]

Our Quick Guide to Annual Reports breaks down insights from publicly traded companies, investors, portfolio managers and analysts. The value of a compelling annual report is paramount to a business’s investor relations strategy, as this infographic demonstrates. Want to know more about annual report best practices? Learn how to create an annual report people actually want to read.  Or, contact Roop & Co. at (216) 902-3800 or

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How To Create An Annual Report People Actually Want To Read

An annual report communicates a company’s financial performance, milestone achievements and future projections to shareholders, financial analysts, employees and partners alike. Creating an annual report is crucial for securing and retaining investors, and it’s a legal requirement of the Securities and Exchange Commission for public companies. Companies aren’t required to make their annual reports extremely detailed, and there’s nothing wrong with being concise. At its most basic, an annual report should include: Balance sheet Statement of cash flow Income statement Market price of the company’s stock Dividends paid Auditor’s report However, simply bundling together [...]

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