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5 Media Relations Tips for Your Law Firm

Media relations is integral to the PR strategy of any organization. Contrary to popular belief, there is far more involved than just simply distributing a news release. In order to be effective, media relations requires a lot of planning, a solid strategy and succinct storytelling. When done correctly, it is a cost-effective marketing tool that can help your law firm gain visibility, position it as a thought leader and generate more business leads. Below are five key tips for an effective media relations strategy that will produce tangible results for your firm: [...]

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Digital Newsroom Best Practices

The changing media landscape demands that journalists work quickly with few resources. As a result, 92% of journalists use corporate websites for research when writing an article involving the business. Because journalists tend to work on tight deadlines as one-man-bands, having accurate, easily-accessible information readily available on your website can support their need for efficiency and give your business a competitive advantage for news coverage. However, most corporate newsrooms fail to meet the needs of journalists, with a dismal 6% meeting their expectations. Read on to learn more about creating a digital newsroom that [...]

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Four Tips for Rocking Your Next Event

Last week’s 30th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony brought together a slew of musical talents to celebrate the induction of prominent musicians and bands such as Ringo Starr, Joan Jett and Green Day. With big-name celebrities, live performances and a rocking venue, it’s easy to feel intimidated by such large-scale, highly anticipated events. But planning a successful, star-studded event is more feasible than you might think. Here are four tips on how to rock your next event: 1. Determine a Specific Objective Any successful event requires a specific objective, whether it’s launching a new product, [...]

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