4 Tips for Rocking Your Next Event

4 Tips for Rocking Your Next Event

Last week’s 30th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony brought together a slew of musical talents to celebrate the induction of prominent musicians and bands such as Ringo Starr, Joan Jett and Green Day.

With big-name celebrities, live performances and a rocking venue, it’s easy to feel intimidated by such large-scale, highly anticipated events. But planning a successful, star-studded event is more feasible than you might think.

Here are four tips on how to rock your next event:

1. Determine a Specific Objective
Any successful event requires a specific objective, whether it’s launching a new product, presenting a prestigious award or raising funds for a charity. Consider what the event’s main purpose is and what you’re trying to achieve.

2. Let It Shine 
Design the event around your objective, and then incorporate unique elements that will ensure your event shines. For example, the Rock Hall’s Celebration Day featured a Rock N’ Blast fireworks show. Although fireworks are a great way to draw more attention to an event, there are plenty of other ways to ensure your event makes a huge impact. For example, you can create a custom Twitter hashtag and encourage attendees to tweet about it.

3. Book Your Entertainment Early 
The performers and presenters for this year’s induction ceremony – including big names such as Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Miley Cyrus – were booked at least a year in advance. Although most events don’t require booking quite that early, it’s important to have your entertainment lined up early enough to ensure their availability.

4. Avoid the Backstage Drama 
At the Rock Hall’s 2012 induction ceremony, Guns N’ Roses’ lead singer, Axl Rose, decided at the last moment that he wouldn’t be attending his band’s induction, which left the Rock Hall in an awkward position. To avoid similar backstage drama, make sure to always have a plan B (and C and D) in place for any unexpected mishaps, such as uninvited guests, vendor no-shows or mix-ups in seating arrangements.

From the initial idea to the last guest leaving, each and every detail is crucial to the success of your event. Roop & Co. brings all of these elements together to create a flawless, successful event that achieves your goals. Our firm’s work has won numerous awards, including a Silver Anvil Award for Special Events for the planning and execution of RPM International’s 50th anniversary annual shareholders meeting, which featured a performance by the Cleveland Orchestra.

To find out how Roop & Co. can help you execute your next event, contact Roop & Co. at (216) 902-3800 or info@roopco.com.

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