How to Create a B2B Holiday Marketing Campaign This Season

How to Create a B2B Holiday Marketing Campaign This Season

A successful B2B holiday marketing campaign requires strategy, organization, and content that targets the appropriate audiences for your brand. To accomplish this, your company will need to stay up to date on the latest B2B holiday marketing trends while creating unique and engaging content that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you are incorporating holiday themes into your social media content calendars, email campaigns, or team meetings, all are great steps toward getting into the holiday spirit.

Below are five strategies that we suggest focusing on this holiday season:

1. Leverage the Power of Cross-Channel Communication

In B2B marketing, it’s essential to know what does and does not work for your audience before creating social media content. Cross channels give audiences a more enhanced experience, allowing for increased engagement and greater customer loyalty.

Implementing this type of communication within your business can help you collect data from various channels to enhance the client experience. Doing so will give your company a clearer understanding of the effectiveness of your holiday marketing efforts from a broader perspective.

Cross-channel communication allows for brand impressions to be made more quickly as well. In today’s market, it’s most beneficial for your brand to establish its presence in as many channels as possible. Cross-channel marketing is a smarter, more cost-effective way to leverage each channel within your messaging strategy.

2. Create Branded Holiday Hashtags

Creating a branded holiday hashtag for your company is a great way for your company to get more exposure. Hashtags make it easier for you to track social media engagement as well and can lead to higher engagement rates for your business. Not only is it important to implement these hashtags in company content, but also take the time to encourage your employees to implement these hashtags in their content as appropriate.

While creating branded holiday content, it’s important to make sure your hashtags are relevant to your company and its culture. Take advantage of the nature of the holiday season to strengthen customer or client relationships and reach new audiences as well. When creating these hashtags, avoid using long hashtags that may overcomplicate the post. A good hashtag feels effortless and fun.

3. Know Which Digital Channels Work Best

After you’ve identified your audience, you’ll need to decide on the most effective communication channels for your business. Once you’ve found the best platforms for your content, it’s important to keep in mind that content that works for one social media outlet might not work for another. Cross-channel messaging involves goal setting, personalized communication and tailoring your messages to each selected channel.

In addition, it’s essential to know how and when you are going to deliver your brand’s content. Poorly timed social media posts are likely to lead to lower engagement rates among your target audience. It’s also a better way to nurture leads, provide a pleasant viewer experience and implement personalization to improve user interaction with your brand.

4. Show Gratitude Toward your Clients

While the holidays are for receiving and expressing gratitude, it’s also a great time to show your clients how valuable they are to your business. Many B2B sales and relationships are built on personal connections between businesses and their clients.

During the holiday season, it’s a good time to share with your customers or clients how their business has positively impacted your company. Whether it’s sending a personalized email or holiday card, or simply expressing gratitude through your work, this is a simple and effective way for them to remain loyal to your brand.

Many B2B companies experience a slower period during the holidays as well, so take advantage of your clients’ quiet time and grow your relationships on a more personal level. As the year ends, contract renewals and upcoming projects for 2023 are very much at the forefront of your customers’ or clients’ minds—making this a great time to show extra appreciation for their business.

 5. Use Holiday-Themed Content

While many companies take advantage of the holidays to produce content and grow their businesses before the new year, it’s important to know how to do so in a way that will best fulfill your company’s needs. B2B holiday marketing strategies can be implemented via mediums like email marketing, paid advertising, social media, and content marketing. For example, holiday-themed blog posts and product guides are two great ways that brands can keep the seasonal celebration alive.

To engage in the festive spirit, enhance the visuals across your social media and email channels by working holiday elements into your company’s content. Whether it’s your company’s website, blog posts, or social media posts, incorporating that holiday spirit will help ensure your content is both visually appealing and memorable.

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