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Grace Hospital is a Long Term Acute Care hospital that operates satellite locations around Northeast Ohio. Despite being in existence for more than 100 years and serving thousands of medically-complex patients, the community’s awareness of Grace Hospital and the high quality of its services was relatively low. The hospital’s leadership sought to build greater awareness for Grace Hospital and its services, improve its image with key stakeholders and attract more patients. It engaged Roop & Co. to help achieve these objectives.


Roop & Co. began with a detailed communication audit. It included in-person interviews with internal and external stakeholders, along with a competitive communication analysis that compared Grace Hospital to its primary competitor. The audit revealed insights and opportunities for awareness and image building. It also plotted a course for implementing a four-phased tactical plan:

Phase 1

A rebranding initiative, which included logo design, tagline development, messaging and identity manual production.

Phase 2

Incorporation of the new brand identity into Grace Hospital’s primary communication materials, including its stationery, marketing collateral, website, display booth and newsletters.

Phase 3

Extending the new brand identity across the hospital’s other communications, including signage, presentations and videos.

Phase 4

Ongoing communications such as an annual report, media relations and updated website content.


One year after the new branding was adopted, survey results from internal and external stakeholders demonstrated a marked improvement in awareness of Grace Hospital and a better understanding of its services. In addition, it saw a significant increase in the number of patients served.

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