Private Equity Website Best Practices

Private Equity Website Best Practices

More than 8,000 companies are already backed by private equity while $1.7 trillion sits on the sidelines, making for fierce competition for quality deals among private equity firms. If you want to identify the winners in this battle, look to those that are implementing strategic marketing initiatives, including these website best practices.

Winners Differentiate

For example, ABC Capital is a private equity firm that partners with management to accelerate growth at middle market manufacturing and distribution companies. Sound familiar? Too many websites describe firms this way. Winning firms, however, relay their value proposition with a clearly defined, differentiated position. They do it by tightening their target market focus or branding their growth methodologies.

It Ain’t Bragging If True

Too often private equity firms simply issue a news release announcing an exit and then deposit any reference to it in their website’s “former portfolio company” section. Winners do more. Their websites celebrate stories on how capital infusions changed company trajectories, and they complement these with examples of how their expertise accelerated the benefits of the capital. Champions go further and provide video testimonials from management.

Capitalize on Marketing Automation

Winners rely on tools like Hubspot, SharpSpring and Marketo to automate marketing tasks, such as distributing emails and social media content, enabling them to stay top of mind with prospects and deal sources. These tools also centralize digital analytics so firms can determine which online campaigns are effective.

Optimize for Search

These tactics only matter if prospects find a firm’s website. Winners leverage key search terms, like “growth equity,” into backend coding and frontend content to heighten search engine attention.

One litmus test for judging which private equity firms will generate quality deal flow is their website, as winners demonstrate a command for strategy. For a free website assessment, try our web analysis report.

Brad Kostka is president of Roop & Co., a strategic communications agency with expertise accelerating growth for private equity firms and portfolio companies. Reach him via email or at 216-902-3800.

This article was originally published in Crain’s Cleveland Business on Monday, January 20, 2020.

A private equity firm’s website should be more than brochureware. It should be a deal-flow-generating machine. How well does your site perform?


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