Roop & Co. Now a Certified SharpSpring Marketing Automation Partner

Roop & Co. Now a Certified SharpSpring Marketing Automation Partner

Roop & Co announced today that it is officially a SharpSpring Silver-Level Certified Agency Partner. Helping to automate sales and marketing initiatives, SharpSpring is an all-in-one, cost-effective technology platform that accelerates workflows with key features such as CRM, behavior-based email marketing, campaign tracking, dynamic forms, social media management and more.

Roop & Co. earned the silver-level certification after completing a rigorous testing process to demonstrate its proficiency with the SharpSpring platform. The agency leverages SharpSpring for many of its client accounts and, with this certification, it will be even better equipped to optimize clients’ marketing efforts in order to generate more leads and, ultimately, increase sales.

According to a recent report from VB Insight, 80% of companies using marketing automation generated a higher number of leads and 77% increased their number of conversions. Plus, conversion rates grew by 53% from initial response to marketing qualified lead (MQL) and the revenue growth rate was 3.1% higher than businesses that do not utilize marketing automation.

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