Roopco Launches New Rebranding

Roopco Launches New Rebranding

After more than 25 years in business...
It was time for us to turn up the volume on our own brand.

Meet the new Roopco.

The same trusted brand, just amplified.


1. Research & Discovery

We kicked off our rebranding process with a research and discovery phase. During this foundational step, our team analyzed top competitors’ brand positioning and identified gaps where Roopco could differentiate itself in the marketplace.

2. Core Value Exploration

Once we had established our key differentiators, our team participated in a group working session to brainstorm, discuss and identify a total of six core values we feel represent the root belief systems that guide how our business operates.

Core Values icons-


Stand by commitments and uphold high standards

Core Values icons-2


Do the right things the right way

Core Values icons-3


Pursue goals with relentless determination

Core Values icons-4


Seek innovative solutions for every challenge

Core Values icons-5


Act promptly while ensuring high quality

Core Values icons-6


Align dedication to work with personal well-being

3. Messaging Framework

Building out from this foundation, our team developed a messaging framework and brand story that will resonate with our target audiences. This included key messaging such as a brand promise, positioning statement, elevator pitch and boilerplate.

4. Tagline Development

We focused on our tagline first, as this would impact the logo design. Dozens of tagline options were explored and narrowed down based on key parameters such as being brief (3-5 words), descriptive of what we do, creative and memorable. Our team ultimately selected “Amplify Your Communications” as our tagline to signify how our deep expertise and diverse capabilities can enhance our clients’ results.


Elevate Your Communications

Strategic Communications Reimagined

Amplify Your Communications

5. Logo Development

Once our tagline was selected, we explored a variety of logo designs by considering visual elements that would align with our brand story. Our key parameters were that it provide a more modern look, complement the tagline, be creative and feature an element that could serve as an icon. Once a final design was selected from the black and white logos, we explored various color options and then refined them through group feedback.

  • To modernize the logo, we used a sanserif font in all lowercase letters, eliminated the ampersand and shortened our name to “Roopco.”
  • The communication bubble serves as both the “o” in the name and an icon, with the three dots indicating active communication.
  • The three arching soundwaves over the communication bubble are angled upward to demonstrate that the message is being amplified.
  • Purple and blue were chosen to represent the historic brand colors of Roopco and Steven Strategic Communications, which our agency acquired in 2021.

6. Rebrand Implementation

Once a consensus on our brand strategy was reached, our team developed brand identity guidelines, executed the rebrand across all marketing collateral and created a launch plan in order to communicate the new brand to external stakeholders.

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