SEO Audit

SEO Audit

75% of people never scroll past page 1 of a Google search

Our $500 SEO audit will help you outrank your competitors and boost your search position.

Improve your Search Rankings for just $500 with our SEO Audit.


IncreaseOrganic Traffic

With higher search positions for your targeted keywords, you’ll increase traffic to your website.


GenerateMore Leads

With more traffic driven by the right keywords, you’ll generate more business leads.


Convert More Leadsto Customers

You’ll get leads that are better qualified, enabling you to convert them to paying customers.

“It was interesting to see where we rank against our competitors and learn the reasons why. The SEO audit gave us a roadmap to help us widen the gap where we are dominant and close the gap for other keywords.” – John Blicha, Senior Director, Global Marketing & Brand Management, Eriez

“The SEO audit Roopco conducted was great because it validated much of what we are doing online. At the same time, we learned about a few areas that required some improvements, which we’re addressing.” – Rob Henry, Director of Marketing, Tippman Affiliated Group

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Our Comprehensive SEO Audit Includes:

Comparison to Competitors
See how you stack up against your competitors. We’ll show you gaps in their strategies so you can leap ahead of them.

On-Page SEO
We report on the technical factors impacting your ranking, such as word counts, title tags, page load times and more, along with tips for correcting issues.

Organic Traffic
We’ll identify your organic (unpaid) traffic trends and provide recommendations for improving them.

Organic Keyword
The report will show what keywords are performing best and those that could move up to page 1 of search results.

Backlinks & Referring Domains
These are critical to search rankings. We’ll show where your backlinks are coming from and share suggestions for earning more.

SEO Best Practices

5 Tips to Improve Your Website's SEO Ranking

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