Roopco Develops 30th Anniversary Book for Global PR Network

Roopco Develops 30th Anniversary Book for Global PR Network

30th Anniversary Book Showcases Global PR Thought Leadership

Public Relations Global Network


The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), a group of more than 50 PR agencies serving key markets worldwide, enlisted the help of Roopco as one of its member agencies to create a 30th anniversary book in order to showcase the organization’s rich history and thought leadership on a global scale. The anniversary book vision was to develop a compelling hardcover book that contained valuable insights shared by 30 PR experts from around the world.


Spearheading the project management and content creation strategy, Roopco collaborated with the other PRGN member agencies to compile a total of 30 articles highlighting the top tips and best practices from industry-leading PR experts. This content was then edited in order to ensure consistency in tone, style and fluidity. In addition, Roopco provided design and layout for the book and coordinated printing of the hardcover version.

In addition to a physical book, Roopco also created a digital e-book version that could be easily shared by PRGN’s many member agencies. It was made available as a gated content piece on PRGN’s website, with the goal of driving lead generation. Bite-sized chunks of content were repurposed into a content marketing campaign to promote PRGN’s global expertise and thought leadership. Hard copies were gifted to PRGN’s agency members at its 2022 Spring Conference and subsequently used to recruit new member agencies to the global PR network.


Both the hardcover and e-book versions were well received by PRGN’s member agencies after being unveiled at the organization’s 2022 Spring Conference. Not only did the book generate new leads for the organization, but it also provided two years’ worth of evergreen blog content. In addition, the newly created “PRGN Presents” podcast was launched as a direct result of the book’s success.

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