Case Study: Webinar Promotes Cold Storage Units for COVID Test Samples

Case Study: Webinar Promotes Cold Storage Units for COVID Test Samples

Webinar Promotes Cold Storage Units for COVID Test Samples

Polar Leasing Company


Polar Leasing Company (PLC) was founded in 2002 by its parent company Polar King International, Inc. to accommodate the growing requirement for walk-in refrigeration rentals used in foodservice, pharmaceuticals, government institutions and other applications. Demand for the units skyrocketed at the onset of the COVID pandemic as the country’s need for cold storage units to handle test samples became vital to mitigating the virus. When COVID vaccines became available to the public in 2021, leased walk-in units became a popular and highly sought-after option to safely store these lifesaving injections. In 2022, with the virus seemingly under control, PLC set out to maintain and grow its position in the pharmaceutical space. The company wanted to build greater awareness with pharmaceutical companies seeking temporary, temperature-sensitive storage solutions for overflow and everyday use.


To meet this objective, PLC partnered with a well-respected pharmaceutical media outlet in order to produce a webinar designed to educate the market about the many features and benefits of leased cold storage walk-in units. Roopco was engaged to spearhead this initiative by crafting a webinar script, developing a presentation, and preparing and training the company’s presenter ahead of the live event.


More than 100 pharmaceutical decision-makers registered to attend the PLC webinar live, and many others watched it on demand. These efforts generated 120 high-quality leads, many of which represent some of the world’s most prominent pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, PLC is able to maximize its investment with Roop by re-purposing the presentation for sales calls. PLC’s team was so impressed with the results that they are implementing a plan to produce quarterly webinars, managed by Roop, across all markets in 2023.

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