Case Study: Non-Profit Website Redesign

Case Study: Non-Profit Website Redesign

website redesign case study | America SCORES Cleveland non-profit

Website Redesign Raises Funds and Drives Program Growth for Local Non-Profit

America SCORES Cleveland


America SCORES Cleveland is a local non-profit that supports urban youth with a tri-curricular approach of physical activity, creative expression and community service. It enlisted Roopco to execute a website redesign that would highlight the importance of its program in inspiring change among urban youth in Northeast Ohio and communicate how the local community can help support the organization through volunteer and donation opportunities.


As part of the website redesign, Roopco conducted a strategic analysis of America SCORES’s existing website. Information gleaned from the planning process was used to develop content and a detailed site architecture, which provided a roadmap for the website’s navigation, design and functionality. Roopco constructed the new website on a WordPress content management system, which doesn’t require coding expertise and, therefore, enables America SCORES employees to easily make updates to the content as needed. In addition, SEO played a crucial rolekey messaging was incorporated into the site’s URLs, page titles, keywords, page descriptions and content in order to optimize its search engine rankings.

website redesign case study | SEO, content management system, non-profit


Following the launch of its new website, America SCORES Cleveland saw a significant increase in unique users, page views and average session duration, as well as traffic referrals from mobile devices and organic search. The site’s clear, compelling content and easy-to-navigate design have attracted more volunteers to become involved in the program. In addition, the prominent call-to-action buttons have led to a boost in donations and funds raised, which has allowed America SCORES to expand its program into more local schools and add more student participants.

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