Case Study: Media Relations Campaign for a Drone Company

Case Study: Media Relations Campaign for a Drone Company

FlightOps media relations case study

From Israel to the US: How a Media Relations Campaign Skyrocketed Brand Awareness for a Drone Company



FlightOps developed a multi-drone operating system that facilitates scalable planning of flight missions. To gain brand visibility in the U.S., the Israeli company enlisted Roopco to initiate a targeted media relations drone campaign. FlightOps tasked Roopco with crafting editorial content that would resonate with the American drone industry media and relevant trade publications. Developing a successful media campaign for FlightOps proved challenging as the company had to secure permission from customers to share their stories and then win placements in a crowded marketplace dominated by established American drone operators and technology firms. 


Roopco executed a media relations campaign for FlightOps to target the fast-growing drone industry. The agency curated a comprehensive list of American media outlets and established relationships with key journalists and editors through outreach. The team generated compelling press releases and actively pursued media opportunities, including podcasts and feature articles. The outreach efforts were further optimized by tailoring pitches for specific publications catering to industries such as security, healthcare, and first responders. Roopco provided strategic guidance to FlightOps throughout the drone campaign, advising on opportunities aligned with the company’s objectives and prioritizing marketing efforts for maximum impact. 


Thanks to a strategic media relations campaign by Roopco, FlightOps rose to prominence in the American drone market. With over 500 media placements generated, the drone campaign reached an impressive potential audience of 260 million. FlightOps appeared in 19 key trade publications, including the top-tier drone-specific outlets DroneDJ, Drone Life, sUAS News, and Inside Unmanned Systems. Feature articles crafted by Roopco positioned FlightOps personnel as subject matter experts in the drone space. Additionally, an exclusive podcast interview with FlightOps‘ innovative CEO, Shay Levy, promoted drone scalability in the American economy. Ultimately, Roopco drone campaign’s ad-value equivalency surpassed $2.4 million, greatly exceeding FlightOps‘ expectations and significantly enhancing the company’s brand awareness in the American market. 

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