Case Study: Media Relations Strategy for Lithuanian Non-Profit

Case Study: Media Relations Strategy for Lithuanian Non-Profit

Media Relations Drives Brand Awareness & Publicity for Non-Profit Event

Enterprise Lithuania


Enterprise Lithuania, also known as Innovation Agency Lithuania, is a non-profit organization based in Vilnius that helps to create, grow and promote local businesses. Enterprise Lithuania and its Lithuania-based PR agency of record, Adverum Communications, sought a U.S.-based agency partner to assist with event communications for its booth at the 2022 BIO International Convention in San Diego, California.

The objective was to develop a strategic media relations plan that would build greater brand awareness for Enterprise Lithuania and the Lithuanian biotech companies attending the BIO 2022 event.


An international partnership was established for the event through the Public Relations Global Network. While working in multiple time zones across Europe and the U.S., Enterprise Lithuania, Adverum Communications and Roopco worked to develop and manage a media relations plan that included active media pitching leading up to the convention, as well as the development of a digital press kit. Additionally, our team developed social media posts to go out before, during and after the event to generate publicity and increase engagement related to the featured articles and press kit.

As a foundation for this media relations strategy, Roopco developed a targeted media list that focused on trade and local business media outlets. Our team then leveraged key industry trends and newsworthy activities from Lithuanian-based biotech companies to identify media opportunities, develop pitch materials, schedule on-site booth visits and land media placements.

In order to ensure that media outlets had the required resources and materials, Roopco developed a digital press kit that featured important information, including a press release, company overviews, fact sheets, a photo gallery and more. In addition, Roopco and Adverum Communications proactively tracked and reported on all earned media coverage.


This strategic media relations plan resulted in placements in targeted trade publications, such as BioPharma, BioWorld and Nordic Life Sciences. In addition, several reporters plan to schedule press trips to Lithuania in the coming months. The digital press kit received nearly 230 sessions and more than 200 unique visitors. Social media contributed 8% of the press kit traffic, and Enterprise Lithuania’s social media accounts experienced increased engagement, followers and reach throughout the convention. As a result, Enterprise Lithuania and the Lithuanian biotech organizations that attended the event have gained media exposure and significantly increased brand awareness throughout Europe and the U.S.

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