Case Study: Media Relations Strategy for Global Company in Processing Industry

Case Study: Media Relations Strategy for Global Company in Processing Industry

Media Relations Leads Global Manufacturer to Exceed Sales Forecast


Headquartered in Erie, Pa., Eriez is a global leader in manufacturing separation, metal detection and material handling equipment for processing industries. Despite its vast industry expertise, robust product offerings and a broad global footprint, the company faced challenging market conditions. The company enlisted Roopco to produce a high volume of significant media coverage. 


Roopco developed a media relations program that included active media pitching, interviews with subject matter experts and bylined article placements, supported by strategic planning, research and content creation. Through its media relations efforts, Roopco targeted several of Eriez’s key markets, including coal mining, recycling, food and metalworking. For instance, the agency promoted rebuilding equipment instead of buying new to the coal mining industry, while it introduced the recycling industry to a metal loss monitor that showed scrap yards how to recycle high-value landfill waste. 


As a result of this media relations program, Eriez earned media coverage in more than 2,000 targeted publications, as well as several coveted front-page features—producing more than 50 million impressions for the business. In addition, Eriez saw a heavy volume of interest in its products and services across its France and Germany markets. Ultimately, the media relations program transformed a projected down year into a highly successful one that exceeded Eriez’s month-to-month forecasts.

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