Without a clearly defined plan, brands often find that their efforts devolve into a string of random, disconnected tactics.

A solid PR strategy involves careful planning and proactive communication. It’s an ongoing process that requires knowing your target audience, setting measurable objectives, and staying at the forefront of new mediums and emerging tools – insights that can then be leveraged to make strategic decisions about the best communication tactics to address your specific business needs.

At Roopco, we provide high-level strategic PR counsel to help your organization achieve its business objectives. Clients routinely trust us for advice, insight or simply a different perspective. Our team of skilled communicators offers a wide range of PR counsel, from managing complex communications issues to acting as a sounding board when support is needed.

  • Strategic PR Counsel
  • Communications Audits
  • Industry Research & Analysis
  • Communications Strategy
  • C-Level Executive Support
  • PR Training

Amplify Your Internal Communications

From content development and HR & IT communications, to leadership coaching, employee engagement and graphic design, our team of seasoned professionals can help your organization build trust, enhance compliance and boost productivity.

integrated marketing campaign case study | Tremco Roofing product launch


Integrated Marketing Campaign Launches Drone Technology in the Roofing Industry

Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance, a leading provider of roofing and weatherproofing solutions, enlisted Roopco to develop an integrated marketing campaign to announce the launch of its innovative SkyBEAM drone technology.

Domino's Pizza PR Campaign


Multinational PR Campaign Ignites Buzz for Pizza Delivery Launch

As the reigning leaders in speedy pizza delivery, Domino’s sought to ignite media buzz around the launch of its new DXP™ single-purpose delivery vehicle. The pizza chain enlisted Stevens Strategic Communications, a division of Roopco, to lead the charge on a multinational PR campaign as it rolled out the new DXP vehicle.

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