Case Study: Integrated Marketing Campaign for Roofing Drone Launch

Case Study: Integrated Marketing Campaign for Roofing Drone Launch

integrated marketing campaign case study | drone technology, roofing industry

Integrated Marketing Campaign Launches Drone Technology in the Roofing Industry

Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance


Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance, a leading provider of roofing and weatherproofing solutions, enlisted Roopco to communicate the launch of its innovative SkyBEAM drone technology, which uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with high-definition and infrared cameras to identify energy leaks, rooftop damage, deteriorating facades and other potential issues in building envelopes.


Roopco developed and executed an integrated marketing campaign including a strategic mix of media relations, digital content, video, social media and internal communications  that targeted the roofing industry. Key to this strategy was leveraging two significant events related to the new service offering. One such event was that Tremco was the first company to receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct commercial nighttime drone flights, which are necessary for the drone’s infrared cameras to capture thermographic images. The second event was the very first flight, which took place at a Tremco Roofing customer’s manufacturing facility.

integrated marketing campaign case study | media relations, roofing industry
integrated marketing campaign case study | Tremco Roofing product launch


As a result of our integrated marketing campaign, Tremco Roofing has generated significant publicity for its SkyBEAM drone technology within the roofing industry. Media relations efforts garnered more than 250 media placements in national (Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg), local (The Plain Dealer) and trade (Construction Business Owner, Vertical) publications, reaching an audience as large as 90 million. On the social media front, organic posts were seen and/or engaged with by a potential audience of nearly 70,000 followers. In addition, the Tremco Roofing salesforce saw a significant increase in SkyBEAM inquiries and, after a review of necessary facility qualifications, dozens of SkyBEAM projects are currently underway.

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