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Getting through to B2B buyers is difficult. They’re constrained for time and are constantly being pitched.

At Roop & Co., we have developed and executed successful marketing programs for B2B manufacturers for more than 20 years. We know the sales cycle and understand your audience, whether they are architects, engineers, facility managers or IT managers.

We can help you:

  • Create awareness for your products and services with B2B buyers

  • Generate qualified leads for your sales team

  • Nurture leads through the sales process so none slip through the cracks

  • Educate prospective customers to shorten the sales cycle

  • Close more deals

Primary Marketing Deliverables for B2B Manufacturers

  • Multi-channel marketing plans

  • Sales brochures

  • White papers

  • Blog posts

  • Email campaigns

  • Website development

  • News placements

  • Print and digital advertising

Generating qualified leads

Evergreen content
produces ongoing leads.

Case Study

Close more sales with B2B buyers.

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