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Regular and transparent communication with the investment community is vital for a public company to earn a fair valuation for its stock and drive its continued growth.

The team at Roop & Co. has 20-plus years of experience helping public companies tell their stories to the financial community, including institutions, retail investors and financial analysts.

We can help your public company:

  • Develop an investor communications strategy

  • Craft a story and messaging that resonates with Wall Street

  • Enhance its profile, reputation and credibility

  • Ensure that financial markets accurately value the company’s assets

  • Increase sell-side coverage

  • Guarantee consistency in all communications

Primary Investor Relations Deliverables for Public Companies

  • Investor relations plans

  • Annual and quarterly reports

  • Annual meeting of shareholders

  • Investor presentations

  • News releases

  • Fact sheets

  • Quarterly earnings conference calls

  • Websites

  • Social media

  • Booths for investor shows

  • Videos

  • Crisis communication plans

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boosts investor support.

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