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Katie Casciato is a senior account executive at Roop & Co., where she develops, manages and executes integrated communications campaigns in support of our clients' strategic business initiatives. Her experience includes content marketing, media relations, digital marketing, content creation and public relations.

Why You Need A Crisis Communications Plan

Every organization, no matter its size or industry, is vulnerable to the ever-looming threat of a crisis. And the areas where things can go wrong run the gamut – from workplace violence and natural disaster, to a security breach or product recall – making it difficult for even the best-run organization to know exactly where to begin. Fortunately, many crises are relatively foreseeable, smoldering for some time before they eventually emerge to the surface. However, few organizations actually take the necessary action to prevent or reduce their impact during these early [...]

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5 Media Relations Tips for Your Law Firm

Media relations is integral to the PR strategy of any organization. Contrary to popular belief, there is far more involved than just simply distributing a news release. In order to be effective, media relations requires a lot of planning, a solid strategy and succinct storytelling. When done correctly, it is a cost-effective marketing tool that can help your law firm gain visibility, position it as a thought leader and generate more business leads. Below are five key tips for an effective media relations strategy that will produce tangible results for your firm: [...]

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6 Best Practices for Effective IR Communication

Over the years, investor relations (IR) has become more strategic and complex, leaving IR professionals increasingly overwhelmed. The demands from stakeholders are high, with a constant stream of information coming from every direction. New regulatory, legal, proxy and compliance issues seem to pop up regularly. On top of that, IR professionals are faced with a host of communication challenges – from addressing value gaps and conveying strategic changes, to disclosing bad news. Below are several best practices that can be used to more effectively deliver your company’s investment proposition to key stakeholders: 1. Make a Strong First Impression with Your [...]

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Roop & Co. Hires Graphic Designer

Roop & Co. is pleased to announce that Monica Farag has been brought onto the team as a graphic designer after serving as an intern over the summer. In this role, Farag will continue to conceptualize, develop and deliver high-caliber designs for our clients’ marketing and communications needs. With her fresh perspective, Farag consistently brings a creative twist to a broad range of projects, including brand identity manuals, company logos, print collateral, advertisements, multimedia assets, websites, trade booth signage and more. Before joining Roop & Co., Farag was a graphic design intern for Walk and Create in London and [...]

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Roop & Co. Hires Assistant Account Executive

Roop & Co. has welcomed another public relations professional to the team. Maggie Sullivan, a news-obsessed storyteller, will serve as an assistant account executive. Her experience includes news reporting, public relations and internal communications. Sullivan has experience working in many corners of media. As a freelance reporter for Cleveland.com, she covered council meetings, community events and business news to keep the West Side suburbs informed. Her story ideas have also come to life over the WBEZ Chicago airwaves, where she managed a live public radio newsroom as an intern. Assisting in the marketing department at University Hospitals, Sullivan created [...]

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Roop & Co. Wins “Best in Show” Top Honor at PRSA Cleveland Rocks Awards

Roop & Co. received a “Best in Show” top honor at this year’s Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Cleveland Rocks Awards. The entry, Groundbreaking Innovation: Bringing Drone Technology to the Roofing & Building Maintenance Industry, highlighted the agency’s outstanding integrated communications campaign for the launch of client Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance’s SkyBEAM drone service offering. The multi-faceted campaign included media relations, digital content, social media, video and internal communications. The PRSA Cleveland Rocks Awards are presented annually to recognize the highest quality of professional skills, creativity and resourcefulness in public relations and its impact on a particular project [...]

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What is Content Marketing and Why Should You Care?

In an era where consumers prefer to receive their information of their own volition through channels like search and social media, traditional marketing tactics can sometimes feel too obvious or just plain pushy. Gone are the days when marketers could bombard consumers with information in the hopes of converting a few individuals into loyal customers. Modern consumers are weary of these types of heavy-handed marketing efforts and can spot them from a mile away. How can you try to genuinely engage and connect with new and existing customers in this communication landscape? Or even better, what if your customers actually [...]

4 Reasons to Use Video in Your Marketing Campaign

Any marketing communications professional knows that in order for a campaign to be successful, its content must resonate with the target audience. However, success isn’t about a one-time ability to captivate your audience’s interest. It’s about deepening the engagement between the target audience and your business over the long run. This is where video comes into play. According to Cisco, about 59% of senior executives would rather watch an online video than read text. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that video is projected to account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019. By not incorporating video into [...]

How to Build a Better Social Media Strategy

Since its inception in the early 2000s, social media has played an increasing role in marketing and communications. In 2014, companies spent $8.5 billion on social media marketing, and experts expect that number to nearly double to $14 billion by 2018. From a B2C standpoint, the importance of social media is easy to see. Consumers use social media platforms to communicate with peers on a regular basis. By using social media as a means of engaging with customers and potential consumers, companies can enhance their brand. For example, Pizza Hut humanizes its brand by utilizing its Twitter account to [...]

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Roop & Co. Announces New Senior Account Executive

Roop & Co. announced today that Amanda Rembold has joined the public relations firm as a new senior account executive. Her experience includes public relations, media relations, event planning, marketing and social media strategy. In her position, Rembold will play a vital role in developing, executing and managing integrated communications campaigns for Roop & Co.’s extensive list of clients. Rembold most recently worked for G&S Business Communications, a Chicago, Illinois, based B2B agency, where she served as a senior account executive. In this position, her responsibilities included managing and implementing strategic traditional, social and digital business communications programs for [...]

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